Star Complex, Banga

About Banga City and Doaba Area

The Banga City is situated on the Chandigarh-Jalandhar Highway (State Highway 18, Phagwara-Mohali Expressway). It falls almost in the mid of the Chandigarh-Amritsar route. The city is the centre point for more than 30 villages circumferential to it. It is a central hub for shopping, connectivity to major cities including the capital Chandigarh and other important site scenes in and around Banga.

Banga is a City and a Municipal council in the Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district of Punjab, India. It is located on the Punjab Plain. The city also incorporates the former village of Jindowal apart from Banga town. Banga is now Tehsil / Sub Division. A large number of properties in the town and in the surrounding villages are owned by NRIs who increase the population of the area on a seasonal basis.

Banga was founded by Baba Gola Ji, a servant (otherwise known as a "gola") of Guru Gobind Singh. Baba Gola Ji's descendents still live and own land in the area, and belong to the Banga clan. Baba Gola Ji cultivated the land and was told by Guru Gobind Singh that he would be given protection if needed from invading forces. He had three sons called Tungal, Sagar and Masand, and also a daughter whose descendents also continue to reside in Banga.

The town is divided into 3 quadrants named after Baba Gola Ji's sons, namely Patti Dall Singh Tungal gate, Patti Sagar gate and Patti Begh Singh Masanda gate.

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The Doaba Region

Doaba is the region of Indian Punjab surrounded by the rivers Beas and Sutlej. The name "Doaba" or Doab literally translates to "land of two rivers" ("Do" two, "Ab" river; Persian). It is one of the most fertile regions of the world, and was the centre of the Green Revolution in India.

This area is also called the NRI (Non Resident Indians) Hub of the Punjab as many people from this region reside outside India.

The big cities in Doaba are Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Nawanshahr, Banga, Phagwara, Nakodar, Phillaur, Goraya, Garshankar, Mahilpur, Adampur, Kartarpur, Rahon, Aur, Apra.

It is also known as Bist Doab (from bist which is an abbreviation for the twin rivers Beas and Sutlej, and doab, a Persian term meaning a land mass lying between two rivers) or Jalandhar Doab (after the name of its principal town). With an area of 8,915 square kilometres, Doaba has 24 towns an 5,580 villages. With a pepulatian of well over four million, it is one of the densely populated regions of the Punjab. The upland plain covering about twothirds of the total area and ranging in elevation from 270 to 300 metres above sea level, is by virtue of its alluvial soil the most fertile and thickly populated.

It has therefore been the focus of main historical events, political acitivity and economic development. The lowlying flood plains along the two rivers, locally called bet, with profusion of wild grasses and scrubs are not suitable for regular and intensive cultivation and are therefore sparsely populated. The foothill plain ranging in elevation from 300 to 470 metres and lying along the Sivalik foothills is dissected by numerous seasonal streams called chos. This zone lies between the upland plain in the west and the economically backward and sparsely populated hilly tract known as kandi in the east.

Land holdings being very small, emigration to countries of the western world still remains an attraction for the people.

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Rail-Road Connectivity

Geographical Location:
District: Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (SBS Nagar)(Nawanshahr)
Commissionerate: Jalandhar
State: Punjab
Country: India
Continent: Asia
Postal PIN Code: 144505
Telephone code: 01823

Geographical Coordinates:
North: 31° 11' 13"
East: 75° 59' 32"
Elevation: 237 m (778 ft)

Other Details:
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
Languages: Official-Punjabi, Others-Hindi, English

The City is situated at approximately 325 km from New Delhi, 100 km from Capital Chandigarh, 104 km from Amritsar and 1400 km from Mumbai. It is in the North-West part of India; a few hundred kilometres south of Kashmir and to the west of the Himalayan foothills of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. On a clear day, the snow clad peaks of the Dhauladhar range are visible in the distant horizon.

The Banga Railway station is located on the Jalandhar City/Jaijon Doaba Line of the Northern Railway at 13 km from Nawanshahr, 22 km from Phagwara, 43 km from Jalandhar and 45 km from Ludhiana.

The Banga City is situated on the Chandigarh-Jalandhar Highway (State Highway 18, Phagwara-Mohali Expressway) It is linked by road with Nawanshahr on one side and with Phagwara on the GT Road on the other side. It is located on the main Amritsar-Phagwara-Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar-Chandigarh and Amritsar-Phagwara-Banga-Garhshankar-Anandpur Sahib route on NH-1.

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Famous Places

Religious places near Banga (SBS Nagar)

This Doaba area, beautiful amalgamation of plane and hills, has several religious places. Even in today's modern world people believe in spiritual and religious activities. This piece of land has blessings of many Saints, Gurus, Peers and Faquirs. Many Gurudwaras, Temples and Mosques had been built in different parts of the district in their memories. Ancient Temple in Rahon. Mausoleum of Tara Singh Geba, Centuries old temples at Gadi Kanungo, Bhaddi, Aur, Sahiba and Mosques in Muslim populated villages, mirrored the spiritual dedication of the people.

  • Gurudwara NanakSar, Hakimpur
  • Gurudwara Charan Kanwal, Patshahi 6th ,Jindowal (Banga)
  • Gurudwara Gurpalah, village Sontra
  • Gurudwara Gurpartap, village Chak Guru
  • Gurudwara Panj Tahli, village Chak Guru
  • Gurudwara Malla Sodian
  • Gurudwara Guru Harrai Danda Sahib Sandhwan Farala
  • Gurudwara Panj Tirth Patshahi 6th , Laroya
  • Gurudwara Salwana Sahib
  • Gurudwara Guru Har Rai Ji, Dosanj Khurd
  • Gurudwara Shahidan, Urapar
  • Gurudwara Shahidganj, Talwandi Jattan
  • Gurudwara Tahli Sahib, Nawanshahr
  • Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Nawanshahr
  • Gurudwara Gola Shah, Gurudwara Mata Sahib Kaur, Banga
  • Suraj Kund, Rahon
  • Gurudwara Tahli Sahib, Daulatpur
  • Dera Prem Pura
  • Mandir Sidh Baba Jambu Ji
  • Gurudwara Baba Gurditta, Chandpur Rurki
  • Roja Sharif, Mandhali
  • Baba Balraj Mandir Balachaur
  • Chushma, 7 Km away from Balachaur towards Garshankar
  • Gurudwara Tahli Sahib Sudha Majra (Balachaur)
  • Gurudwara Karimpur Chahwala
  • Gurudwara Durgapur
  • Kirpal Sagar
  • Shiwala Bannah Mal
  • Garibdasi Parampara, Rattewal
  • Mandir Baliyana Bainsa
  • Gurudwara Dashmeshgarh, Virowal
  • Nabh Kanwal
  • Mandir Mai Gahli, Bharapur
  • Gurudwara Nanak Nirvair Sach Khand Dham, Balachaur
  • Sanehi Mandir, Nawanshahr
  • Gurudwara Bhai Sikh Hyala
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Nawanshahr
  • Baba Murki Shah

The major site of attraction is multiplex Surya Cinemas Banga, situated at Mukandpur Road. It has two screens and was opened for Public in August 2012 as the first ever multiplex of S.B.S Nagar district. The other site of attractions include Gurdwara Charan Kanwal on S.B.S Nagar Road, Gurdwara Raja Sahib Majara, Baba Gola Park and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Museum situated 4 km from Banga Bus Stand.

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Census Statistics

In 1961, its population was 10,212 which grew to 11,885 in 1971. As of 2001 India census, Banga had a population of 21,809 of which 52% were men and 48% women i.e. with sex ratio of 52:48. Banga has an average literacy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 79% of the males and 73% of females literate. 10% of the population is under the age of six. It is currently estimated to have a population of about 23,000 and is classified as a Class 2 Municipality.

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Standard of Living

The Doaba area is the NRI belt of Punjab. Most of the families/their relatives are settled abroad or have gone overseas for studies or work. The area is growing rapidly as compared to other parts of the state. The standard of living of the people of the area is very high. There are luxury houses, higher education institutes, super speciality hospitals and almost every Large National or Multi National Company wants to open their showrooms in the area. Almost every household has all the basic amenities as well as luxuries like Mobikes, Cars, Large screen LCDs/LEDs etc. Most people also spend lavishly on the marriages and parties.

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Banking Services

Banga is a hub of NRIs, so as Banks. Every Nationalised Government Sector Bank as well as Private Sector Bank is situated here:

  • Allahabad Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Bank of India
  • Canara Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • Citizens Urban Co-op Bank
  • Dena Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • ICICI Bank Ltd.
  • IDBI Bank
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Punjab Gramin Bank
  • Nawanshahr Central Co-op.Bank
  • Punjab & Sind Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • State Bank of Patiala
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • UCO Bank

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Facilities Available

Educational Institutes

The development of any region depends upon its educational institutions. District SBS Nagar has the honour of producing some world famous personalities. These are : Amrish Puri (Nawanshahr), Yash Chopra (Rahon), B.R. Chopra (Rahon), Inderjeet (Journalist from Aur), Amrik Singh Pooni (Jeendowal), De. Madan Gopal Acharya (Kishanpur), Dharamvir (I.A.S.), Somnath (P.C.S.), Music masters : Master Madan Mohan (Khankhana), Victoria Cross Gian Singh (Sahabpur), Padam Shri Rana Moti Singh, Dr. Sadhu Singh Hamdard (Paddi Matwali), S. Barjinder Singh Hamdard (Balachaur), Air Marshall Dilbag Singh, Gurdial Singh Kamal, Saroop Singh (Mangoowal) etc.

The major schools and colleges in the area are:

  • Maharaj Bhoori wale Garib Dasi Government College, Pojewal
  • Jawahar Navodya Vidyala, Khatkar Kalan
  • Khalsa High School, Charan Kanwal, Banga
  • Sikh National College, Banga
  • Doaba Sikh National High School, Nawanshahr
  • DAV College for Girls, Garhshankar
  • BLM Khalsa College, Garshankar
  • ITI, Nawanshahr
  • ITI, Soondh
  • ITI Polytechnic, Behram
  • J.S.F.H. Khalsa High School, Nawanshahr
  • Doaba arya Senior Secondary School, Nawanshahr
  • B.L.M. Girls College, Nawanshahr
  • R.K. Arya College, Nawanshahr
  • D.A.N. College of Education, Nawanshahr
  • Shivalik Public School, Nawanshahr
  • Adarsh Bal Vidyala
  • Amardeep Singh Shergil Memorial College Mukandpur
  • Guru Nanak Mission Public School, Guru Nanak Mission School of Nursing, Dhahan Kaleran
  • Charan Kanwal Convent High School, Banga
  • Nai Subah Kids Paradise School, Banga
  • Sutlaj Public School, Banga
  • Central Public School, Banga
  • St. Soldier Sr. Sec. School, Banga
  • Modern Public School, Banga
  • Hindu Sr. Sec. School, Banga
  • KC Institutes, Nawanshahr
  • Kirpal Sagar, Rahon
  • Guru Nanak Public School, Banga
  • Swami Roop Chand Jain Model School, Banga

Medical Facilities

A number of public and private hospitals provide medical services and assistance to the people of the area alomost all equipped with latest technology and infrastructure. Some of the important hospitals include:

  • Ivy Hospital
  • Raja Superspeciality Hospital, Mota Singh Road, Nawanshahr
  • Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Dhahan Kaleran
  • Naveen General Hospital, Backside Tah Palace, Banga
  • Karan Hospital
  • Osho Dhara Hospital, Nawanshahr
  • Hundal Hospital, Nawanshahr
  • Indu Maternity Home, Nawanshahr
  • Jot Nursing Home, Nawanshahr
  • Pahwa Children Hospital, Nawanshahr
  • Rai Heart Hospital And Maternity Home, Nawanshahr

The following faacilities are available in alomost all Major Government Hospitals as well as Private Hospitals:

  • Emergency services around the clock with facilities of trauma care centre, with well equipped ressusication and monitoring like cardiac monitor with defibirilator, ventilator, pulse oximeter and operation theather.
  • OPD services of specialities
    a. Medical specialist
    b. Surgical specialist
    c. Orthopaedic specialist
    d. Eye specialist
    e. ENT specialist
    f. Anaethesiologist
    g. Pathologist
    h. Gynaecologist
    i. Dental Surgeon
  • Well equipped modern laboratory.
  • X-RAY Unit.
  • Medical unit with computerised e.c.g., cardiacmonitor and holter analyser.
  • 24 Hours Ambulance services for hospitals and general public.
  • Special clinics for maternal and child health care.
  • Special RNTCP clinic for t.b. patients.
  • Special clinics for handicaps, senior citizens and retired persons.

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