Star Complex, Banga

Star Complex Services

We provide business space on rental basis to the major players of the consumer markets such as Public and Private sectors Banks, Various Flourishing Franchisee, Consumer Portals and Outlets of National and Multi-National Companies along with providing the same services to the local entrepreneurs and proprietors.

The space and location matters to a great extent for expanding the business to reach to the large group of consumers and customers. Our location is in the middle of the city and in the region comprising more than 30 towns and villages and is on the Chandigarh-Amritsar Highway providing easy and convenient access.

The complex is also easily accessible to the people of the area as it is situated within a few hundred meters from both the bus terminus and the railway station of the city.

If you want to establish your business point in the region, ours is a very ideal location to start from.

Star Complex is a multi-storey shopping building complex providing enormous space for expanding and exploring business avenues in and around the Banga City. It is built on a large area on the Chandigarh-Jalandhar Highway in the heart of the city.

It comprises of large number of shops including small as well as large ones. The complex has also its own underground parking facility.